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Fixing a bug in the doublyLinkedList.

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......@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@ public class DoublyLinkedList {
public boolean remove(String query){
public boolean remove(Scientist query){
boolean flag=false;
if(size==0) return flag;
DoublyLNode current = head;
if(current.getData().compareTo(query) == 0){
//remove current
DoublyLNode prev = current.getPrevious();
DoublyLNode next =current.getNext();
......@@ -4,13 +4,13 @@ public class Test_DoublyLinkedList {
public static void main(String[] args){
DoublyLinkedList dlist = new DoublyLinkedList();
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode("1", null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode("2", null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode("3", null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode("4", null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode(new Scientist("A"), null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode(new Scientist("B"), null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode(new Scientist("D"), null, null));
dlist.addToHead(new DoublyLNode(new Scientist("J"), null, null));
dlist.remove(new Scientist("B"));
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