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title: "CryptoParty 2018"
layout: event
categories: events
slug: cryptoparty2018
date: 2017-12-01T00:00:00-0400
event_date: 2018-03-03T09:30:00-0400
location: "The Hub Rooms 3, 4 and 5"
hero_image: "/assets/img/smiling.jpeg"
hero_alt: "Participants at CryptoParty 2017"
Learn how to protect your digital privacy at this 6 hour workshop hosted by Mason Competitive Cyber and Mason SRCT. You'll learn how to ensure the integrity and privacy of your data from a wide variety of potential threats, from government actors to a friend you leave alone with your laptop. End the afternoon reassured your data will be far less likely to be spied on or stolen. We will be providing breakfast, lunch and snacks to everyone attending.
CryptoParty 2018 is organized by SRCT and Mason Competitive Cyber.
Keeping your data private and secure is an issue of concern for more than just engineering students. Students from all disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to join, especially from degree programs like English, journalism, and government. We plan on having a guest speaker. Stay tuned at our site <a href=""></a>.
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