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IMT questioning that was already discussed

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<legend>Social Media</legend>
<p>Social media account access will be delegated per a simple majority vote in the
executive board to any volunteering developer. Any executive officer has the ability
to revoke access to social media access for any developer.</p>
<div id="imt">
<legend>IMT Questions</legend>
<p>In the event persistent or complex questions are being made about infrastructure, SRCT members involved in the deployment and maintenance of SRCT srct infrastructure reserve the right to reject any line of questioning related to SRCT infrastructure that doesn't restrict the already existing duties of the person launching the inquiry.</p>
<legend>General Amendments to this Policy</legend>
<p>Amendments added here are those provided from a matter of precedent or executive decision.
Policy added by executive decision should be made only to further regulate matters already
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