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Trying to get the tab bar to be a nice color

But CSS hates me so it doesn't really work someone pls help
parent ff6d2bae
......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__header,
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__header-row,
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__drawer,
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__tab-bar {
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__tab-bar,
.header-bg > .mdl-layout__tab {
background-color: #006633;
<template name="home">
<div class="mdl-layout mdl-js-layout mdl-layout--fixed-header">
<header class="mdl-layout__header">
<div class="mdl-layout__header-row">
<div class="mdl-layout mdl-js-layout mdl-layout--fixed-header header-bg">
<header class="mdl-layout__header header-bg">
<div class="mdl-layout__header-row header-bg">
<!-- Title -->
<span class="mdl-layout-title">Weather</span>
<!-- Tabs -->
<div class="mdl-layout__tab-bar mdl-js-ripple-effect">
<a id="fairfax-tab-button" href="#fairfax" class="mdl-layout__tab is-active locationTab">Fairfax</a>
<a href="#arlington" class="mdl-layout__tab locationTab">Arlington</a>
<a href="#scitech" class="mdl-layout__tab locationTab">SciTech</a>
<a href="#korea" class="mdl-layout__tab locationTab">Mason Korea</a>
<div class="mdl-layout__tab-bar mdl-js-ripple-effect header-bg">
<a id="fairfax-tab-button" href="#fairfax" class="mdl-layout__tab is-active">Fairfax</a>
<a href="#arlington" class="mdl-layout__tab">Arlington</a>
<a href="#scitech" class="mdl-layout__tab">SciTech</a>
<a href="#korea" class="mdl-layout__tab">Mason Korea</a>
<main class="mdl-layout__content">
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