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Mason CC's first CTF<br/>November 3rd, 9:30am to 5:30pm
<br />Location Pending*
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<b>patriotCTF</b> is Mason CC's first CTF hosted <i>at GMU</i>. Like all CTFs, it will feature challenges in cybersecurity that stretches the existing skillset of hackers while encouraging learning. It will be a team CTF. <b>Registration is not yet open.</b> It should open over a month in advance. We are holding it to encourage people to not try to commit too in advance, as we've had poor experiences with that in the past.<br /><br />
Historically our membership has created dozens of challenges for one another, as well as have had a large amount of success in competition, especially in DFIR, web and reverse engineering, and look forward to spending that skillset on the entertainment of others. <b>This will be a challenging, competitive event.</b> People who are brand new to CTFs or security topics listed on this page will find themselves challenged and GMU students who are easily overwhelmed may find themselves more comfortable at other <a href="">Mason CC functions</a>.
<br /><br />
*Location pending, as we are looking to move into a larger venue on campus
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