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<td><!--<img class="bio" src="" />-->Michael Bailey</td>
<td>Jr Sec Engineer @ Crypsis Group</td>
<td>Web, Operating Systems</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src="" />-->Zaine Wilson</td>
<td>Cybersecurity Engineer @ CACI</td>
<td>CC President</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src=";v=4" />-->
Paul Benoit</td>
<td>Jr Sec Engineer @ Crypsis Group</b></td>
<td>CC Vice President</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src="" />-->Caleb Yu</td>
<td>Threat Detection Engineer @</td>
<td>Threat Detection</td>
<td>CC Vice President</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src="" />-->Chuck Tran</td>
<td>Sec Engineer @ Uffect Corp</td>
<td>Embedded Hacking</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src="" />-->Andrew Oliveau</td>
<td>Red Team</td>
<td>CC Competitions Officer</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src=";v=beta&amp;t=cTpPrIWsjvxeL2XE4XH2ZTxxNRN4tt1FhPaWQyErVtg" />-->
Chris Roberts</td>
<td>Cyber Software Engineer @ <b>Battelle</b></td>
<td>Reverse Engineering</td>
<td>CC Hacker</td>
<td><!--<img class="bio" src=";v=beta&amp;t=ccFZL3kNLljuvHkq1saPeg8NnKkUNmiOTzYMGKcixvM" />-->
Jacob Robie</td>
<td>Cyber Scientist 2 @ <b>Battelle</b></td>
<td>Cyber Software Engineer @ <b>RedLattice</b></td>
<td>Reverse Engineering</td>
<td>CC Hacker</td>
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