Mason CC is proud to present patriotCTF, a cybersecurity event at George Mason University


George Mason University, home of the Mason Patriots! More specifically, the HUB Rooms 1-2-3. The HUB is clearly defined on Google Maps and the top-most rooms are available towards the north-most 30 minute parking doors. We recommend carpooling as due to GMU's limited parking availability we won't be able to cover parking. The Shenandoah Parking Deck is located conveniently next to the HUB. Other than parking, it is a free event.



November 3rd, 2018


November 3rd, 2018

Why should I Come?

Recently, the US's standing as a cybersecurity threat has been slipping. We need to show the world we mean business. And it's at patriotCTF where you'll learn what it means to be a TRUE Patriot© and show them we have what it takes. As a proud part of a university conveniently located just off of the Beltway™ with our very mascot as a "Patriot" we felt specially equipped to show this to our attendees.


(And by all of this we of course mean we're doing a typical area CTF but with a maximum excessive patriotism themes)

Sounds Like Freedom© to me, how do I sign up?

Registration coming soon