November 3rd at GMU

November 3rd


HUB Rooms 1-2-3

Event opens at 9:30am, live at 10:00am


About patriotCTF

Join Mason CC for our very first major in person CTF. CC, an organization that's competed in just about every local we were aware of, is bringing one to the community for a change. Challenge writers include professional hardware hackers, DFIR ops engineers and reverse engineers, so challenges should be thoroughly interesting. We look forward to having you!

patriotCTF 2018 is organized by Mason Competitive Cyber, with additional financial support pending. With regard to food, Einstein's breakfast food and drinks include tea/lemonade, bagels and cream cheese, a limited number of pastries, and fresh fruit. Paisano's lunch food and drinks include box sandwich lunches, standard sodas, two trays of salads, with priority given to those with allergies. In addition, Paisano's will be providing brownies and cookies.


  • Prizes are pending announcement


Registration is pending





9:30am to 10:00am Doors Open: Registration and Getting Set Up Those who get in sooner can socialize, as we all know nerds do
10:00am - 5:00pm And We're Live! patriotCTF goes live and teams are free to hack
5:00pm - 5:30pm Goodbyes and Winning Announcements Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened

CTF Volunteers

Key note: "Challenges" indiate they are contributing to solutions and are not eligible to compete.
"Battelle" incidates a Battelle employee, a likely pending event sponsor.

Michael Bailey
CC Event Manager, Challenges
CC President
Tyler Lambert
On-Site Volunteer
CC Founding Member / Battelle
Chuck Tran
Challenges (Embedded)
CC Competitions Officer
Chris Roberts
Challenges (RE)
CC Founding Member / Battelle
Jacob Robie
Challenges (RE)
CC Founding Member / Battelle
Paul Benoit
CC Vice President


Mason Competitive Cyber is a cybersecurity organization on campus that specializes in cybersecurity competitions, including CTFs, CNDs, and other similar events. Mason CC meets weekly, travelling to regional competitions regularly and is proudly sponsored by Battelle and The Crypsis Group.

Event Sponsors and Donors

None yet, we are #SelfMade