Commit 9cc87c9d authored by Daniel W Bond's avatar Daniel W Bond
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pared down the views for cbv

parent 41c78111
......@@ -5,48 +5,44 @@ from trajectories.models import Course, CourseCollection, Program, Student, Traj
from trajecgtories.utils import *
from braces.views import LoginRequiredMixin
# a page for creating new trajectories
def new_list_of_programs(FormView):
template_name = 'new.html'
form = CreatePersonalProgramListForm
#programs = Program.objects.all()
#courses = Course.objects.all()
# select year
# "Build"
def update_trajectory(LoginRequiredMixin, UpdateView):
# create a new trajectory
def NewTrajectory(LoginRequiredMixin, CreateView):
model = Trajectory
form = CreateTrajectoryForm
# build the trajectory
def BuildTrajectory(LoginRequiredMixin, UpdateView):
model = Trajectory
form = BuildTrajectoryForm
template_name = 'build.html'
# student's page; shows saved trajectories
# @login_required
def detail_student(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
def StudentDetail(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
model = Student
trajectories = Trajectory.objects.filter(student__user__username=username)
topTrajectories = topTrajectories(trajectories)
# simply displays a page for the course
def detail_course(DetailView):
# student can edit their information, such as previous classes or isHonors
def StudentUpdate(LoginRequiredMixin, UpdateView):
models = Student
form = StudentUpdateForm
# details of a course
def CourseDetail(DetailView):
model = Course
# simply returns a page showing a program
# @login_required
def detail_program(DetailView):
# details of a program
def ProgramDetail(DetailView):
model = Program
def detail_trajectory(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
# details of a program
def TrajectoryDetail(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
model = Trajectory
def list_trajectory(LoginRequiredMixin, ListView):
# lists all of your trajectories
def TrajectoryList(LoginRequiredMixin, ListView):
model = Trajectory
# needs to make it so it's your trajectory
# or eventually, public as well
def list_program(ListView):
# lists all programs
def ProgramList(ListView):
model = Program
# simply displays a page for an individual trajectory, (along with edit links)
# @login_required
# actually needs more than one slug, the one for the user
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