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    # This is a combination of 2 commits. · 5e373494
    Dominic Clifton authored
    # The first commit's message is:
    Previously, at minimum throttle, the quad would do absolutely no self-leveling
    and simply run the motors at constant minthrottle.  This allowed the chance
    for the quad to lose control during flight if the throttle was set to minimum,
    say, to drop from a high altitude to a lower one.
    With this edit, the quad will still self-level at minimum throttle when armed,
    allowing for safe decents from altitude.  To prevent motors spinning when
    arming/disarming, the yaw input is ignored if the throttle is at minimum and
    we're using the sticks to arm/disarm.
    # This is the 2nd commit message:
    added cli command disable_pid_at_min_throttle
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