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    First-cut of a refactored failsafe system. · c8c0c856
    Dominic Clifton authored
    * fixes issue where indicators would flash when SBus RX entered failsafe
    * fixes bug where turning off a TX for an SBus RX would instantly disarm
    when using a switch to arm when the channel went outside the arming
    * introduces failsafe phases to make the system more understandable.
    * allows the system to ask if rxSignalIsBeing received for all RX
    systems: PPM/PWM/SerialRX/MSP.  Also works when a serial data signal is
    still being received but the data stream indicates a failsafe condition
    - e.g.  SBus failsafe flags.
    * failsafe settings are no-longer per-profile.
    Untested: Sumd/Sumh/XBus/MSP (!)
    Tested: SBus X8R, Lemon RX Sat, X8R in PWM, Spektrum PPM.
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