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Updating the project readme.

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Clean-code version of baseflight flight-controller - flight controllers are used to fly multi-rotor craft and fixed wing craft.
This fork differs from baseflight in that it attempts to use modern software development practices which result in:
1) greater reliability through code robustness.
2) easier maintainance through code cleanliness.
3) easier to develop new features.
4) easier to re-use code though code de-coupling and modularisation.
32 bit fork of the MultiWii RC flight controller firmware
Before making any contributions, take a note of the
For this fork it is also advised to read about clean code, here are some useful links:
The MultiWii software, from which baseflight originated, violates many good software development best-practices. Hopefully this fork will go some way to address them.
If you see any bad code in this fork please immediate raise an issue so it can be fixed, or better yet submit a pull request.
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