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# Contributing
Please see the Contributing section of the
Please see the docs/developers folder for other notes.
Ensure you understand the github workflow:
Please keep pull requests focused on one thing only, since this makes it easier to merge and test in a timely manner.
If you need help with pull requests there are guides on github here:
The main flow for a contributing is as follows:
1. Login to github, goto the cleanflight repository and press `fork`.
2. `git clone <url to YOUR fork>`
3. `cd cleanflight`
4. `git checkout master`
5. `git checkout -b my-new-code`
6. Make changes
7. `git add <files that have changed>`
8. `git commit`
9. `git push origin my-new-code`
10. Create pull request using github UI to merge your changes from your new branch into `cleanflight/master`
11. Repeat from step 4 for new other changes.
The primary thing to remember is that separate pull requests should be created for separate branches. Never create a pull request from your `master` branch.
Later, you can get the changes from the cleanflight repo into your `master` branch by adding cleanflight as a git remote and merging from it as follows:
1. `git add remote cleanflight`
2. `git checkout master`
3. `git fetch cleanflight`
4. `git merge cleanflight/master`
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## Contributing
Contributions are welcome and encouraged. You can contibute in many ways:
Contributions are welcome and encouraged. You can contribute in many ways:
* Documentation updates and corrections.
* How-To guides - received help? help others!
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'Migrating from'
'Board -'
'Board -'
'Board -'
# Flight controller hardware
The current focus is geared towards flight controller hardware that use the STM32F103 and STM32F303 series processors. The core logic is separated from the hardware drivers, porting to other processors is possible.
The core set of supported flyable boards are:
* CC3D
* Flip32+
* Naze32
* Sparky
* AlienWii32
Cleanflight also runs on the following developer boards:
* STM32F3Discovery
* Port103R
There is also limited support for the following boards which may be removed due to lack of users or commercial availability.
* Olimexino
* Naze32Pro
* STM32F3Discovery with Chebuzz F3 shield.
Each board has it's pros and cons, before purchasing hardware the main thing to check is if the board offers enough serial ports and input/output pins for the hardware you want to use with it and that you can use them at the same time. On some boards some features are mutually exclusive.
Please see the board-specific chapters in the manual for wiring details.
There are off-shoots (forks) of the project that support the STM32F4 processors as found on the Revo and Quanton boards.
Where applicable the chapters also provide links to other hardware that is known to work with Cleanflight, such as receivers, buzzers, etc.
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b) the first 4 Parallel PWM/PPM channels do not have valid signals.
And when:
c) the failsafe guard time specified by `failsafe_delay` has elapsed.
# Cleanflight
Welcome to CleanFlight!
Cleanflight is an community project which attempts to deliver flight controller firmware and related tools.
## Primary Goals
* Community driven.
* Friendly project atmosphere.
* Focus on the needs of users.
* Great flight performance.
* Understandable and maintainable code.
## Hardware
See the flight controller hardware chapter for details.
## Software
There are two primary components, the firmware and the configuration tool. The firmware is the code that runs on the flight controller board. The GUI configuration tool (configurator) is used to configure the flight controller, it runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.
## Feedback & Contributing
We welcome all feedback. If you love it we want to hear from you, if you have problems please tell us how we could improve things so we can make it better for everyone.
If you want to contribute please see the notes here:
Developers should read this:
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ A receiver is used to receive radio control signals from your transmitter and co
There are 3 basic types of receivers:
Parallel PWM Receivers
PPM Receivers
Serial Receivers
1. Parallel PWM Receivers
2. PPM Receivers
3. Serial Receivers
## Parallel PWM Receivers
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