Commit a7d34768 authored by Dominic Clifton's avatar Dominic Clifton
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Merge pull request #953 from enly1/Telemetry_Switch_Fix

Telemetry_Switch TELEMETRY_BOX conditional logic incorrect
parents 70cda73a 7df9f7d0
......@@ -682,7 +682,7 @@ void mspInit(serialConfig_t *serialConfig)
activeBoxIds[activeBoxIdCount++] = BOXOSD;
if (feature(FEATURE_TELEMETRY && masterConfig.telemetryConfig.telemetry_switch))
if (feature(FEATURE_TELEMETRY) && masterConfig.telemetryConfig.telemetry_switch)
activeBoxIds[activeBoxIdCount++] = BOXTELEMETRY;
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