Commit ab283612 authored by Pawel Spychalski (DzikuVx)'s avatar Pawel Spychalski (DzikuVx)
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Fix compilation (again)

parent dc7a002b
......@@ -805,6 +805,7 @@ void processRx(timeUs_t currentTimeUs)
// Function for loop trigger
void FAST_CODE taskGyro(timeUs_t currentTimeUs) {
// getTaskDeltaTime() returns delta time frozen at the moment of entering the scheduler. currentTime is frozen at the very same point.
// To make busy-waiting timeout work we need to account for time spent within busy-waiting loop
const timeDelta_t currentDeltaTime = getTaskDeltaTime(TASK_SELF);
......@@ -816,8 +817,6 @@ void FAST_CODE taskGyro(timeUs_t currentTimeUs) {
if (sensors(SENSOR_OPFLOW)) {
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