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......@@ -1727,10 +1727,10 @@ groups:
table: direction
- name: fw_reference_airspeed
description: "Reference airspeed. Set this to airspeed at which PIDs were tuned. Usually should be set to cruise airspeed. Also used for coordinated turn calculation if airspeed sensor is not present."
default_value: 1000
default_value: 1500
field: fixedWingReferenceAirspeed
min: 1
max: 5000
min: 300
max: 6000
- name: fw_turn_assist_yaw_gain
description: "Gain required to keep the yaw rate consistent with the turn rate for a coordinated turn (in TURN_ASSIST mode). Value significantly different from 1.0 indicates a problem with the airspeed calibration (if present) or value of `fw_reference_airspeed` parameter"
default_value: 1
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