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    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      Refactor serial port configuration, stage 1. · 5163bef0
      Dominic Clifton authored
      Tested and working:
      * multiple MSP ports at different baud rates.
      * cli on any MSP port.
      * GPS
      * gps passthough on currently active cli port.
      Example config used for testing:
      feature SOFTSERIAL
      feature GPS
      feature RX_PPM
      serial_port_1_functions = 1
      serial_port_1_baudrate = 115200
      serial_port_2_functions = 128
      serial_port_2_baudrate = 115200
      serial_port_3_functions = 1
      serial_port_3_baudrate = 19200
      serial_port_4_functions = 0
      serial_port_4_baudrate = 0
      Known broken:
      * Telemetry and shared serial ports
      * Telemetry when unarmed.
      Probably broken:
      * Blackbox on shared port.
      * Serial RX.
      * Blackbox.
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      quick fix · e58afe9d
      Petr Ledvina authored
      it is impossible to build some targets. This is quick fix to get it working again
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    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      Replace global flags with stateFlags, flightModeFlags and armingFlags. · 3f0754d2
      Dominic Clifton authored
      Each flag was previously a whole byte, now all of the flags only take up
      4 bytes as they are represented by bit masks.
      This is cleaner because the different kind of flags are now separated.
      Additionally this changes the behaviour of arming slightly.  When using
      a switch to arm the aircraft will not arm unless the switch has been in
      the off state once.  This prevents arming if you power the aircraft with
      a low throttle and the switch in the on position.
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    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      Updated GPS logitude/latitude calculation. · 10279c01
      Dominic Clifton authored
      The existing implementation that was ported over was trying to work with
      different values.  By writing a unit test for the code that stores
      values in GPS_coord it was possible to have known values which could
      then also be used to write a unit test for the HoTT telemetry which
      finally enabled production code to be written.
      Hopefully it will work, unable to test further since my GPS unit is
      playing up.
    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      HoTT code cleanup. · b81f73cb
      Dominic Clifton authored
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      HoTT update. · b37bace5
      Dominic Clifton authored
      There's a number of changes in this commit, all related.
      Improved efficiency of preparing HoTT messages.
      All HoTT message data is no-longer reset each time, going forward old
      data is re-used unless it is updated.  This should help with GPS
      co-ordinates too since they were erased from subsequent responses when
      ideally the last-known co-ordinates should be transmitted each time.
      The previous update was sending one too many bytes due to the
      aligned/padded uint16_t values in the HoTT data structures.  There were
      two solutions, use #pragma to pack the structure or avoid larger types
      in the structures, the latter made sense and results in more portable
      code since it's a wire format.
      Updated HoTT structures to use latest message structure from Ardupilot.
      Currently the variables are in underscore_format, that will likely
      change in future.
      Cleaned up and deleted old ported code that was #ifdef'd out.  Some test
      code still remains for now.  This will be deleted in due course.
      Introduced bitmask for EAM alarm flags.
      Corrected documentation.
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    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      Update HoTT telemetry processing. · 49d411dc
      Dominic Clifton authored
      This should be flyable now, the previous implementation would block
      while calculating data and transmitting.
      This implementation calculates packets on a 50hz schedule and transmits
      data as close to the transmission spec as it can.  It's still possible
      for other long-running code to interfere with the data transmission.  A
      solution would perhaps be to use a timer/irq for the transmission
      There is some cleanup to do still but this needs to be in the hands of
      testers for early feedback.
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    • Dominic Clifton's avatar
      RXMSP is no longer a serial rx provider since it uses MSP and not it's · 5d460766
      Dominic Clifton authored
      own dedicated serial port.
      Added a feature to enable/disable RX_MSP.
      Renamed feature SERIALRX to RX_SERIAL.
      Renamed feature PARALLEL_PWM to RX_PARALLEL_PWM
      Renamed PPM to RX_PPM.
      Update serial configuration checking to better support Serial RX and
      telemetry by verifiying serial port features and supported baud rates.
      It's now possible to use a low-speed serial rx provider via softserial -
      only problem is all the current serial rx providers are 100000/115200
      baud.  The code changes however open the door for using serial rx and
      any capable serial port such as uart3-5 on the STM32F30x
      It's also now possible to use GPS at low speeds on software serial
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    • treymarc's avatar
      format code properly · cabc5777
      treymarc authored
      match the comment from pullrequest about spacing
      remains : some hand alignment for comment and wrong /** */ usage.