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<h1>SRCT Weather</h1>
{{> weather}}
<template name="weather">
<h1><i class="wi wi-day-cloudy wi-fw"></i></h1>
<p>The temperature would likely go here</p>
<h1><strong>Fairfax Campus</strong></h1>
<h1><i class="wi wi-day-cloudy wi-fw"></i> 76<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h1>
<h2>Feels like 72<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h2>
<h3><strong>Arlington Campus</strong> <i class="wi wi-day-sunny"></i> 82<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h3>
<h3><strong>Science and Technology Campus</strong> <i class="wi wi-day-sunny-overcast"></i> 74<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h3>
<h3><strong>Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute</strong> <i class="wi wi-day-storm-showers"></i> 68<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h3>
<h3><strong>Mason Korea</strong> <i class="wi wi-rain-mix"></i> 64<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h3>
<h3><strong>Mason Ras-Al-Khaimah</strong> <i class="wi wi-hot"></i> 102<i class="wi wi-fahrenheit"></i></h3>
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