Commit 46552585 authored by Andrew Hrdy's avatar Andrew Hrdy
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Started linting file update.

parent bd6f7154
{ {
"env": { "env": {
"browser": true, "browser": true,
"commonjs": true, "commonjs": true,
"es6": true, "es6": true,
"node": true "node": true
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaFeatures": {
"jsx": true
}, },
"parserOptions": { "sourceType": "module"
"ecmaFeatures": { },
"jsx": true "extends": "eslint:recommended",
}, "rules": {
"sourceType": "module" //Overridden from eslint:reccomended
}, "no-console": "off",
"rules": {
"no-const-assign": "warn", //Possible Errors
"no-this-before-super": "warn", "for-direction": "warn",
"no-undef": "warn", "no-template-curly-in-string": "warn",
"no-unreachable": "warn",
"no-unused-vars": "warn", //Best Practices
"constructor-super": "warn", "block-scoped-var": "warn",
"valid-typeof": "warn" "no-empty-function": "warn",
} "no-implicit-globals": "error",
"no-invalid-this": "error",
"no-multi-spaces": "warn",
"no-self-compare": "warn",
"no-shadow": "error",
"no-undef-init": "error",
"array-bracket-spacing": "warn",
"block-spacing": "warn",
"brace-style": "error",
"camelcase": "warn",
"capitalized-comments": "warn",
"comma-dangle": "warn",
"comma-spacing": "warn",
"computed-property-spacing": "warn",
"func-call-spacing": "warn",
"implicit-arrow-linebreak": "warn",
"indent": "error",
"jsx-quotes": "error",
"key-spacing": "warn",
"keyword-spacing": "warn",
"lines-between-class-members": "warn",
"multiline-comment-style": "warn",
"no-lonely-if": "warn",
"no-multiple-empty-lines": "warn",
"no-tabs": "error",
"no-trailing-spaces": "error",
"no-whitespace-before-property": "error",
"object-curly-newline": ["warn", "always"],
"object-curly-spacing": "warn",
"object-property-newline": "warn",
"operator-assignment": "warn",
"operator-linebreak": "warn",
"quote-props": ["warn", "as-needed"],
"quotes": ["warn", "single"],
"semi": "error",
"semi-spacing": ["error", {"before": false, "after": true}],
"semi-style": "error",
"space-before-blocks": "warn",
"space-before-function-paren": ["warn", "never"],
"space-in-parens": "warn",
"space-infix-ops": "warn",
"space-unary-ops": ["error", {"words": true, "nonwords": false}],
"switch-colon-spacing": "warn",
//ECMAScript 6
//Default -- Check to remove
"no-const-assign": "warn",
"no-this-before-super": "warn",
"no-undef": "warn",
"no-unreachable": "warn",
"no-unused-vars": "warn",
"constructor-super": "warn",
"valid-typeof": "warn"
} }
\ No newline at end of file
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