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Adding Wall Sliding Script

See merge request !10
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using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class WallSliding : AbstractBehavior {
[SerializeField] private float speed;
[SerializeField] private float delay;
[SerializeField] private float wallJumpForce;
[SerializeField] private int leftButtonID;
[SerializeField] private int rightButtonID;
[SerializeField] private int jumpButtonID;
private float previousGravity;
private bool _isSliding;
private bool isEnding;
private bool isJumping;
public void Activate() {
previousGravity = body.gravityScale;
body.velocity.Set(body.velocity.x, speed);
body.gravityScale = 0;
_isSliding = true;
isEnding = false;
isJumping = false;
private IEnumerator CheckForEnd() {
while (_isSliding) {
if (ButtonCheck(leftButtonID) || ButtonCheck(rightButtonID)) {
if (!isEnding) StartCoroutine(EndWithDelay());
if (ButtonCheck(jumpButtonID)) {
if (!isJumping) JumpOffWall();
if (!isEnding) EndSliding();
yield return new WaitForFixedUpdate();
private bool ButtonCheck(int button) {
return inputState.GetButtonValue(inputButtons[button]);
private void JumpOffWall() {
isJumping = true;
body.AddForce(new Vector2((int)inputState.direction, 0) * wallJumpForce);
private IEnumerator EndWithDelay() {
isEnding = true;
yield return new WaitForSeconds(delay);
private void EndSliding() {
body.gravityScale = previousGravity;
_isSliding = false;
isJumping = false;
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