Commit e2e41260 authored by Andrew Hrdy's avatar Andrew Hrdy
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Removed static data from sidebar. Removed phone number as api does not supply it.

parent be9c91e1
......@@ -50,9 +50,8 @@ const Sidebar = ({facility, isSidebarOpen, isSidebarMapOpen, toggleSidebarMap, f
<Divider className={'sidebar-divider'}/>
<div className={'sidebar-scroll'}>
<div className={'sidebar-label-holder'}>
<TextwTitle label="Building" content="The Johnson Center"/>
<TextwTitle label="Address" content=""/>
<TextwTitle label="Phone Number" content="The Johnson Center"/>
<TextwTitle label="Building" content={facility.facility_location && facility.facility_location.building}/>
<TextwTitle label="Address" content={facility.facility_location && facility.facility_location.address}/>
<TextwTitle label="Tags" content={<FacilityTags facility={facility} />}/>
<TextwTitle label="Hours" content={<WeekHours facility={facility} />}/>
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