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......@@ -120,10 +120,21 @@ we do I will have instructions on how to deploy the code here.
* Get all restaurants displaying correct open times on the page. AKA. make
extensive tests.
* Sort by location view
* Get a decent UI
* Get a usable admin interface UI, currently it is very confusing to add a
restaurant and schedule.
* Get a decent UI (make sure everything is pretty and usable)
* Add times until opening/closing for restaurants that are close, and exact
times for those that aren't.
* Add yellow close-to-closing condition.
* Possible: Make an API?
* Make page refresh, or more preferably have the data refresh. For
example, with AJAX calls.
* Create more useful API calls. Document them.
* Allow switching between campuses. In the database, mark which campus each
restauraunt is on, include this information in the JSON object returned at
`ajax/schedule` and store the campus choice in the user's cookies
so that when they come back the page will already be set to their campus.
Default would be Fairfax of course.
[jquery-cookie]( would be useful
fo[jquery-cookie]( would be useful
for this.
* Create a more user-friendly way of creating restaurants and updating
schedules on the admin site. This could be done by modifying the admin site
or creating our own Django forms and doing it outside the admin site.
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