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......@@ -81,9 +81,6 @@ documentation]( and I've found [Mozilla's documentation
on JavaScript]( to be
useful as well. But if your Google-fu is sharp, that should suffice.
<!--If you followed the steps in "Set Up" above, once you actually make changes it-->
<!--should be easy to push them to the git repository.-->
Once you actually make your changes and have fully tested them you can push the
code to the git repository. The best way to do this is to fork the project, make
the changes in your local repository, push to gitlab, and submit a pull request.
......@@ -104,15 +101,6 @@ Some more helpful links on how to use Git:
* [Git For Ages 4 And
We currently don't have What's Open running on a dedicated server yet, but when
we do I will have instructions on how to deploy the code here.
<!--No longer relevant as there is no postgres database set up at the moment-->
<!--###Running Site Locally with Production Database###-->
<!--It is possible to run the site locally using the PostgresSQL database that-->
<! uses. The way is configured requires that you set-->
<!--an environmental variable to the database's url before you run the site. Talk -->
<!--to me if you would like to know the url to accomplish this.-->
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