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README: start the process to fix the URL links

It's not needed to repeat the url using [url](url-again), just delete
the link syntax. Markdown will figure out what you mean.

This is a demo commit for a new contributor.
Signed-off-by: Mark Stenglein's avatarMark Stenglein <mark@stengle.in>
parent 7f363f3a
......@@ -23,10 +23,10 @@ contribute, so if you are struggling, or just want to learn, then we are
willing to help.
Check out some of the other What's Open projects!
- [https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-android]()
- [https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-ios]()
- [https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-web]()
- [https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-alexa]()
- https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-android
- https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-ios
- https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-web
- https://git.gmu.edu/srct/whats-open-alexa
# Setup instructions for local development
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