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Fixing/adding to readme.

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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ To get started, you'll need the following installed:
* [virtualenv](
(to install you will need either
[pip]( or
easy_install, which is bundled with
easyinstall, which is bundled with
Then type the following commands in your terminal (if you're on Windows,
......@@ -95,7 +95,19 @@ folder as ``, is identical to the `` except for a
few things that allow you to run the site locally, like using an sqlite
database instead of the PostgresSQL one used for production currently.
However, it is possibly to run the site locally using the PostgresSQL database
However, it is possible to run the site locally using the PostgresSQL database
and normal `` file. The most sane way of doing this requires that the
heroku-toolbelt installed and that you have access to the heroku site as a
contributor, so see me if you desire this.
###To Do###
* Get all restaurants displaying correct open times on the page. AKA. make
extensive tests.
* Add a Typeahead search box at the top to quickly filter out restaurants.
* Sort by location view
* Get a decent UI
* Add times until opening/closing for restaurants that are close, and exact
times for those that aren't.
* Add yellow close-to-closing condition.
* Possible: Make page refresh, or more preferably have the data refresh. For
example, with AJAX calls.
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