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Update docs to support docker swarm

- again, copy from go

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......@@ -121,19 +121,17 @@ Additionally, you will need to install docker-compose:
Next inside the `whats-open/` root directory run:
docker-compose build
docker build . -t 'whats-open-api'
If that doesn't work, try:
This builds the docker image that we will deploy to the swarm in a stack.
sudo docker-compose build
Initialize your swarm:
Then, follow up with:
docker swarm init
docker-compose up
And finally,
If that doesn't work, try:
sudo docker-compose build
docker stack deploy whats-open-api_stack -c docker-compose.yml
You should see that the server is running by going to http://localhost:8000
in your browser. Any changes you make to your local file system will be mirrored in the server.
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