Commit c076362b authored by Daniel W Bond's avatar Daniel W Bond
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created assign_bulk_special_schedules admin action for facilities

parent b15de605
......@@ -50,8 +50,29 @@ class FacilityAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
'schedules': Schedule.objects.all()})
assign_bulk_schedules.short_description = 'Assign a main schedule for multiple facilities'
def assign_bulk_special_schedules(self, request, queryset):
num = queryset.count()
if 'bulk_special_schedule' in request.POST:
print('request', request.POST)
new_special_schedule = Schedule.objects.get(pk=request.POST['special_schedule'])
name =
for facility in queryset:
self.message_user(request, "Added %s as a special schedule to %d facilities." % (name, num))
except ObjectDoesNotExist:
self.message_user(request, "Unable to add a special schedule to %d facilities." % num)
return HttpResponseRedirect(request.get_full_path())
return render(request,
context = {'facilities': queryset,
'schedules': Schedule.objects.all()})
assign_bulk_special_schedules.short_description = 'Add a special schedule to multiple facilities'
# a list of all actions to be added
actions = [drop_special_schedules, assign_bulk_schedules, ]
actions = [drop_special_schedules,
assign_bulk_schedules, assign_bulk_special_schedules ]
# Allow filtering by the following fields
list_filter = ['facility_category', 'facility_location']
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