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    Feature/16-Frontend-Post (#19) · fb335938
    Khalid Ali authored
    Add the ability to handle a POST request from the frontend.
    * Send CSRF, Fix 500 Error, Update gitignore
    * Get title from Google Books API
    * Include time when creating Listing
    * Bulk Update - Multiple images can now be uploaded and saved in the DB.
    * Update Travis JDK to 11
    * Update tests to work with new code
    - Commented out two tests, noted as a minor issue
    - Downgraded hashcode function, noted as minor issue
    * Fix SonarQube Code Smells - Optimized imports and removed comment blocks
    * Small fix to get tests working again
    * Moved RestTemplate to class scope to fix last two tests
    * Add newListing test and move model/entity conversion out of controller
    * Travis back to JDK 8
    * Travis to OpenJDK 11
    * Fix NullPointerException
    * Trying Travis OpenJDK8
    * Fix broken Rest Template.
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