Commit 5c838a92 authored by Khalid Ali's avatar Khalid Ali
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Add ShareUser Dto conversion

parent efd22e6a
......@@ -2,8 +2,10 @@ package com.gmu.bookshare.web;
import com.gmu.bookshare.entity.BidEntity;
import com.gmu.bookshare.entity.ListingEntity;
import com.gmu.bookshare.entity.ShareUser;
import com.gmu.bookshare.model.BidDto;
import com.gmu.bookshare.model.ListingDto;
import com.gmu.bookshare.model.ShareUserDto;
import com.gmu.bookshare.service.BidService;
import com.gmu.bookshare.service.ListingService;
import com.gmu.bookshare.service.ShareUserService;
......@@ -140,4 +142,12 @@ public class BookshareApiController {
private BidEntity convertBidToEntity(BidDto bidDto) {
return, BidEntity.class);
private ShareUserDto convertShareUserToDto(ShareUser shareUser) {
return, ShareUserDto.class);
private ShareUser convertShareUserToEntity(ShareUserDto shareUserDto) {
return, ShareUser.class);
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