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# Versions
# Requirements
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Be careful with this method of deployment. `bootRun` is not designed to work with already executable WAR artifacts such that CAS server web application. YMMV. Today, uses of this mode ONLY work when there is **NO OTHER** dependency added to the build script and the `cas-server-webapp` is the only present module. See [this issue]( and [this issue]( for more info.
## Spring Boot App Server Selection
There is an app.server property in the pom.xml that can be used to select a spring boot application server.
It defaults to "-tomcat" but "-jetty" and "-undertow" are supported.
It can also be set to an empty value (nothing) if you want to deploy CAS to an external application server of your choice and you don't want the spring boot libraries included.
## Windows Build
If you are building on windows, try build.cmd instead of Arguments are similar but for usage, run:
build.cmd help
## External
Deploy resultant `target/cas.war` to a servlet container of choice.
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