Commit 3bc68d73 authored by Misagh Moayyed's avatar Misagh Moayyed

update list of build commands

parent 363d2ddd
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ function help() {
echo "-"
echo "******************************************************************"
echo -e "Usage: [copy|clean|package|run|dependencies|update|debug|tomcat|gencert]\n"
echo -e "Usage: [copy|clean|package|run|dependencies|docker|update|debug|tomcat|gencert]\n"
echo -e "\tclean: \t\tClean Maven build directory"
echo -e "\tcli: \t\tRun the CAS command line shell and pass commands"
echo -e "\tcopy: \t\tCopy config from the project's local etc/cas/config directory to the root /etc/cas/config"
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