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CAS Overlay Template
Generic CAS maven war overlay to exercise the latest versions of CAS. This overlay could be freely used as a starting template for local CAS maven war overlays. The CAS services management overlay is available [here](
Generic CAS WAR overlay to exercise the latest versions of CAS. This overlay could be freely used as a starting template for local CAS war overlays. The CAS services management overlay is available [here](
# Versions
# Requirements
* JDK 1.7+
* JDK 1.8+
# Configuration
The `etc` directory contains the configuration files that need to be copied to `/etc/cas`.
Current files are:
* ``
* `log4j2.xml`
The `etc` directory contains the configuration files and directories that need to be copied to `/etc/cas`.
# Build
mvnw clean package
mvnw.bat clean package
./mvnw[.bat] clean package
# Deployment
## Embedded Jetty
## Embedded Tomcat
- Create a keystore file `thekeystore` under `/etc/cas`. Use the password `changeit` for both the keystore and the key/certificate entries.
- Ensure the keystore is loaded up with keys and certificates of the server.
* Create a Java keystore at `/etc/cas/jetty/thekeystore` with the password `changeit`.
* Import your CAS server certificate inside this keystore.
Then, run:
mvnw jetty:run-forked
java -jar target/cas.war
CAS will be available at:
......@@ -49,4 +40,4 @@ CAS will be available at:
* ``
## External
Deploy resultant `target/cas.war` to a Servlet container of choice.
Deploy resultant `target/cas.war` to a servlet container of choice.
description: CAS Configuration
\ No newline at end of file
server.port: 8443
cas.securityContext.adminpages.ip: 127\.0\.0\.1
# logging.config: file:/etc/cas/log4j2.xml
# service.registry.config.location: classpath:services
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""
<util:map id="authenticationHandlersResolvers" map-class="java.util.LinkedHashMap">
<entry key-ref="proxyAuthenticationHandler" value-ref="proxyPrincipalResolver" />
<entry key-ref="primaryAuthenticationHandler" value-ref="primaryPrincipalResolver" />
<util:list id="authenticationMetadataPopulators">
<ref bean="successfulHandlerMetaDataPopulator" />
<ref bean="rememberMeAuthenticationMetaDataPopulator" />
<bean id="attributeRepository" class=""
p:backingMap-ref="attrRepoBackingMap" />
<alias name="acceptUsersAuthenticationHandler" alias="primaryAuthenticationHandler" />
<alias name="personDirectoryPrincipalResolver" alias="primaryPrincipalResolver" />
<util:map id="attrRepoBackingMap">
<entry key="uid" value="uid" />
<entry key="eduPersonAffiliation" value="eduPersonAffiliation" />
<entry key="groupMembership" value="groupMembership" />
<alias name="serviceThemeResolver" alias="themeResolver" />
<alias name="jsonServiceRegistryDao" alias="serviceRegistryDao" />
<alias name="defaultTicketRegistry" alias="ticketRegistry" />
<alias name="ticketGrantingTicketExpirationPolicy" alias="grantingTicketExpirationPolicy" />
<alias name="anyAuthenticationPolicy" alias="authenticationPolicy" />
<alias name="acceptAnyAuthenticationPolicyFactory" alias="authenticationPolicyFactory" />
<alias name="neverThrottle" alias="authenticationThrottle" />
<alias name="tgcCipherExecutor" alias="defaultCookieCipherExecutor" />
<util:list id="monitorsList">
<ref bean="memoryMonitor" />
<ref bean="sessionMonitor" />
<alias name="defaultPrincipalFactory" alias="principalFactory" />
<alias name="defaultAuthenticationTransactionManager" alias="authenticationTransactionManager" />
<alias name="defaultPrincipalElectionStrategy" alias="principalElectionStrategy" />
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