Commit f730d23a authored by hdeadman's avatar hdeadman
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Fix createKeystore

Setting commandLine twice in a task of type Exec was only running
the second command, never running the first one.
parent ec1eea8e
import org.apache.ivy.util.url.*
import java.nio.file.*
import java.util.*
import org.gradle.internal.logging.text.StyledTextOutput;
import org.gradle.internal.logging.text.StyledTextOutputFactory;
import static org.gradle.internal.logging.text.StyledTextOutput.Style;
......@@ -178,10 +176,9 @@ task casVersion (group: "build", description: "Display the current CAS version")
task createKeystore (type:Exec, group: "build", description: "Create CAS keystore") {
task createKeystore (group: "build", description: "Create CAS keystore") {
doFirst {
mkdir "/etc/cas"
workingDir "."
def keystorePath = "/etc/cas/thekeystore"
......@@ -193,20 +190,29 @@ task createKeystore (type:Exec, group: "build", description: "Create CAS keystor
if (project.hasProperty("certificateSubAltName")) {
subjectAltName = project.getProperty("certificateSubAltName")
// this will fail if thekeystore exists and has cert with cas alias already (so delete if you want to recreate) "Generating keystore for CAS with DN ${dn}"
exec {
workingDir "."
commandLine "keytool", "-genkeypair", "-alias", "cas",
"-keyalg", "RSA",
"-keypass", "changeit", "-storepass", "changeit",
"-keystore", keystorePath,
"-dname", dn, "-ext", "SAN=${subjectAltName}" "Exporting keystore..."
} "Exporting cert from keystore..."
exec {
workingDir "."
commandLine "keytool", "-exportcert", "-alias", "cas",
"-storepass", "changeit", "-keystore", keystorePath,
"-file", "/etc/cas/cas.cer"
} "Import /etc/cas/cas.cer into your Java truststore (JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts)"
task listTemplateViews (group: "build", description: "List all CAS views") {
dependsOn explodeWar
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