Commit 3c345ccc authored by Misagh Moayyed's avatar Misagh Moayyed

Add command to create the view in the overlay

parent c480f250
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ function help() {
echo " debug: Run CAS.war and listen for Java debugger on port 5000"
echo " bootrun: Run with maven spring boot plugin"
echo " listviews: List all CAS views that ship with the web application and can be customized in the overlay"
echo " getview: Ask for a view name to be included in the overlay for customizations"
echo " gencert: Create keystore with SSL certificate in location where CAS looks by default"
echo " cli: Run the CAS command line shell and pass commands"
......@@ -56,12 +57,42 @@ function runalone() {
function listviews() {
find $PWD/target/cas -type f -name "*.html" | xargs -n 1 basename | sort | more
function explodeapp() {
if [ ! -d $PWD/target/cas ];then
./mvnw clean package war:exploded "$@"
echo "Building the CAS web application and exploding the final war file..."
./mvnw clean package war:exploded "$@"
echo "Exploded the CAS web application file."
function getview() {
echo "Searching for view name $@..."
results=`find $PWD/target/cas -type f -name "*.html" | grep -i "$@"`
echo -e "Found view(s): \n$results"
count=`wc -w <<< "$results"`
if [ "$count" -eq 1 ];then
# echo "Found view $results to include in the overlay"
overlayfile=`echo "${results/$firststring/$secondstring}"`
overlaypath=`dirname "${overlayfile}"`
# echo "Overlay file is $overlayfile to be created at $overlaypath"
mkdir -p $overlaypath
cp $results $overlaypath
echo "Created view at $overlayfile"
ls $overlayfile
echo "More than one view file is found. Narrow down the search query..."
find $PWD/target/cas -type f -name "*.html" | xargs -n 1 basename | sort | more
function gencert() {
if [[ ! -d /etc/cas ]] ; then
......@@ -145,6 +176,9 @@ case "$1" in
gencert "$@"
getview "$@"
cli "$@"
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