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## Expected Behavior
Describe briefly what the app should be doing or, what the expected behavior would
be given a certain input or action.
## Actual Behavior
Describe briefly what actually occurs in the app given the input described above.
## Steps to Reproduce the Behavior
A numbered list of steps starting from the earliest possible moment up until the
bug occurs. Something that could be used by other developers to reproduce the bug
that is being reported.
## Summary
Here you should include two to three sentences explaining the thought process
about the current issue. Perhaps a picture? Some details that could best help someone,
especially someone new, understand the goal of the issue and how they should best
approach the problem.
## Helpful Links
Here you should include a bullet point list of links to documentation, stack overflow,
whatever, that could help guide someone on what it is they are trying to do.
Essentially, a list of links to point them in the right direction.
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# Schedules
Schedules is a web app that allows students to import their class schedules into popular calendar managers.
Schedules is a Ruby on Rails app that allows students to import their class schedules into popular calendar managers.
The project manager for Schedules is Zac Wood.
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If you need any help, please feel free to reach out in the `#schedules` channel in our [Slack group]( This is where most of the discussion about the project occurs, so if you are interesting in contributing, please join and say hi!
## Setup instructions
### Install Ruby and Rails
To develop for Schedules, it is required that you have an up-to-date versions of Ruby and Rails installed. Soon, development will switch to using Docker, but for now, use [this installation guide]( to get started.
### Clone the schedules workspace
We're first going to clone down a copy of the schedules codebase from [](,
the SRCT code respository, with SSH.
**a)** Configure your ssh keys by following the directions at:
**b)** Now, on your computer, navigate to the directory in which you want to download the project (ie. perhaps one called `development/SRCT`), and run
git clone
Run `cd schedules/` to enter the cloned directory, and `cd schedules/` once more to enter the Rails environment.
### Install dependencies
To install the project dependencies, run the `bundle install` command.
### Database
To populate your local database, run `rake db:migrate:seed`. This sets up your local database and loads it with data from the Excel speadsheet(s) of GMU courses. **NOTE:** This may take a while!
### Development server
To start a local development server, run the `rails server` command. The server should now be available at `localhost:3000`.
## Opening issues
Please use the issue templates located on the new issue page when opening issues. For consistency's sake, I will close any issues that do not follow the templates.
Please use the issue templates located on the new issue page when opening issues. Any issues that do not follow a template will not be accepted.
## Coding style
Please try to adhere to the current coding style in the project. All code must be commented.
Please try to adhere [Airbnb's Ruby Style Guide]( This will not be strictly enforced, but please make sure your code is understandable and well documented.
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