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# Schedules
Schedules is a web app that allows students to import their class schedules into popular calendar managers.
The project manager for Schedules is Zac Wood.
## Contributing
Schedules is currently being completely rewritten from scratch, so all help is much appreciated. See the current project [issues]( to see what needs to get done.
If you need any help, please feel free to reach out in the `#schedules` channel in our [Slack group]( This is where most of the discussion about the project occurs, so if you are interesting in contributing, please join and say hi!
## Opening issues
Please use the issue templates located on the new issue page when opening issues. For consistency's sake, I will close any issues that do not follow the templates.
## Coding style
Please try to adhere to the current coding style in the project. All code must be commented.
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