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access to SRCT project management positions. They may contribute to
SRCT projects under the guidance and supervision of a project
\subsection{Project Manager Positions}
Project Managers are the lead figures in individual SRCT projects.
Project managers have the final determination of what elements or
decisions enter the production phase of a project, with the exception of the
Systems Administrator having veto authority if the change presents a clear and
present security risk or management inconvenience, or a veto by simple majority by the
executive board if it impacts the larger perception of SRCT or the university. In the event
a project manager for a project does not exist and there is no distinct interest in
someone taking on the position, the systems administrator will approve production
changes at his/her own discretion.
Project Managers will be elected at the discretion of the President, Vice President, and
Systems Administrator in a simple majority. To remove a project manager is also done
at the discretion of the President, Vice President and Systems Administrator in a simple
Physical attendance should not be mandatory for participation in this vote.
\subsection{Becoming a Developer}
To attain developer status, a contributor must demonstrate leadership skills,
commitment to SRCT principles, and technical ability. To become a developer,
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