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Adding the first assignment using the .er format.

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# Entities are declared in '[' ... ']'. All attributes after the entity header
# up until the end of the file (or the next entity declaration) correspond
# to this entity.
# Each relationship must be between exactly two entities, which need not
# be distinct. Each entity in the relationship has exactly one of four
# possible cardinalities:
# Cardinality Syntax
# 0 or 1 ?
# exactly 1 1
# 0 or more *
# 1 or more +
Team +--1 City
Team 1--+ Coach
Team 1--+ Player
Team 1--* Association
Player 1--* Association
# 314 assignment standards
## ERDs
- ERDs will be written in the .er format using the [VScode ERD preview extension by kiashuu0123](
- This extension is simply a port to VScode of [BurntSushi's ERD schema for creating .er files](, which is a wrapper for [graphviz's dot schema]( (to my understanding).
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