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Done with a rough draft of the essay. Still need to proof read it.

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......@@ -87,25 +87,12 @@ One day a friend invited me to a party where I met my girlfriend. She was a poli
Learning coding was a wild and life changing experience.
Learning coding was life changing. After I first learned coding I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life the only question was how. So after taking that coding class, I switched from being a junior in the college of business at the University of Mary Washington to being a Freshman Information technology major at Northern Virginia Community College. Graduating years after my friends is a small price to pay for a rewarding career, financial stability and a girlfriend I love.
my mom said I'm too dumb for CS
\subsection{conclusion - propose a topic}
topic = DevOps hopefully (figure this out on monday)
\item readers-writers problem (requires waiting)
\item producer consumer (1--1) (interrupts) vs consumer consumer (M--M)(roles) (the philosophers are both)
\item readers-writers problem (requires waiting)
These days I'm moving from the academic world of George Mason University to the professional field at Leidos. This summer I'll be returning to Leidos for an internship. In my previous experience at Leidos I learned how to work with developers using certain softwares. When I returned to George Mason, I used this experience to contribute to the Student Run Computing and Technology (SRCT) club at George Mason. Over this summer I look forward to introducing my team at Leidos to some of the technologies that SRCT uses for collaboration.
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