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Clean out existing base template

parent c697df1b
......@@ -24,52 +24,6 @@
{% endblock %}
<div class = "container">
<!-- Title, Logo -->
<div class = "row-fluid">
<div class = "span2">
<a href=""><img src = "{{ STATIC_URL }}img/GMURGB.png" alt = "GMU Logo" width = "114" height = "79"></a>
<div class = "span8 title">
<a href="">What's Open</a>
{% block campus %}
{% endblock %}
<div class = "span2">
<div class="dropdown campusDropdown">
<a class "dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href='#'><button class="btn" type="button">Select Campus</button></a>
<ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu" ara-labelledby="dLabel">
<li><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Fairfax</a></li>
<li><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Prince William</a></li>
<li><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Arlington</a></li>
<div class="row-fluid search-row">
<div class="control-group">
<div class="controls">
<div class="input-prepend">
<span class="add-on"><i class="icon-search"></i></span>
<input name="field" class="span2" type="text" id="searchBar"/>
{% block content%}
{% endblock %}
<div class = "navbar">
<!-- Footers -->
<div class="footer">
A project of <a href="">GMU SRCT</a>. <a href="">Some rights reserved</a>. &nbsp; &nbsp; | &nbsp; &nbsp;
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