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in which we write pseudocodey algorithms and musings

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### in which we write pseudocodey algorithms and musings before they are used
### transferred to the views
edge case-- course is only required or available if a certain major is selected
# user enters courses they have taken
allCourses = [Every, Damn, Course]
coursesTaken = [Courses, Student, Already, Has, Completed]
requiredCourses = [Courses, Required, For, The, Major]
remainingRequiredCourses = []
nextCourses = []
# returns courses you have left for selected major
def remainingCourses(requiredCourses):
for course in requiredCourses:
if not in coursesTaken:
# returns courses that have a Course as either a prereq or coreq
def allPrereqCoreq(course, remainingRequiredCourses):
allPrereqCoreq = []
for requiredCourse in remainingRequiredCourses:
if course is a prereq or coreq of requiredCourse
return allPrereqCoreq
# all of the courses that have that course as a prereq or coreq
# I think that the recursive issue is fixed-- it doesn't matter if there
# are prereqs of prereqs because the class has already been taken
# furthermore, you're not going to have to worry about whether or not
# a course is
# returns courses you CAN take given what you've taken
def nextCourses(coursesTaken):
for course in coursesTaken:
if prereqs in coursesTaken:
append prereqs to nextCourses
elif coreqs in coursesTaken:
append prereqs to nextCourses
append allPrereqCoreq(course, remainingRequiredCourses) to nextCourses
return nextCourses
nextCourses is all of the courses it is possible for you to take next
once a user has selected the courses they want to take for the subsequent semester,
the tables will have to be updated accordingly?
(oh dear-- how shall this be done?)
this does NOT take into consideration geneds
# checks if you've taken a gened for a specific set of geneds (say, philosophy)
def genedCheck(coursesTaken, genEdCourses):
diff coursesTaken, genEdCourses
# this might be problematic with courses where there are hierarchies, like science
# or languages, but for everything else, no need to worry about prereq, coreq
# users are able to select which courses they *want* to take for gen eds
# then pass the allCourses through allPrereqCoreq? NOT COOL
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