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aw name issues

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......@@ -41,13 +41,15 @@ To-do
Note-- this should also be on the wiki
* Links from people page to srct constitution sections
* Consistent color scheming-- what on earth did Michel do to table formatting (and labels)
* 'a name' links are hidden by the toolbar-- hello css
* Consistent color scheming-- specifically with table formatting (and labels)
* More CSS-- the navbar dropdown hovering over the links is a ghastly white O_O
* The meeting page needs to have forms for the secretary to take notes, and pagination
* RSS feed for the meeting page
* Set up the documents with actual files
* RSS feed for the meeting notespage
* Set up the documents with ability to download pdfs and latex files
* Write Usage Policy
* Figure out intellectual property with GMU
* **note: events and meeting notes might be on the wiki page... undecided**
* Add stuff to the events page-- same idea as meeting page, forms, pagination, and RSS
* Requires being able to log in in order for the secretary to take notes, etc
* footer is not responsive
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ SRCT | Docs | Constitution
<p><strong><em>Last updated September 12, 2013</em></strong></p>
<p><small>email questions, comments, and suggestions to <em></em></small></p>
<legend>Article I — Name of Organization</legend>
<legend><a name="ArticleI">Article I — Name of Organization</a></legend>
<p>This student organization shall be named Student-Run Computing and Technology (SRCT). The website for SRCT shall be located at</p>
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