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# Advisor Platform
## To Do
### Mainapp
Manual Mode
* Filter courses to only the ones that can be taken that semester
* Drag and drop js for adding courses to semesters.
* Save semesters, trajectories
* Make trajectories public or private
* User page-- users can see their courses
* User page-- users can edit their previously taken courses
* Figure out how to color different courses
Automated Mode
* Separate user interface for automated mode
* Visualization of what
Backend Issues
* Multi-major support
* Rewrite course handling
* Handle "padding" electives
* Figure out how to assign the course's weightings
* Customize admin interface
* Pages and profiles for universities
### Compare
This whole thing needs to be done, so there's plenty here
* Write the algorithms for comparing trajectories
* Create the user interface
* Write the views
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