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skeletal work on compare

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......@@ -16,13 +16,15 @@ Analytics | YourSchool Advisor
<div class="row well">
<p>Our users versus overall official school statistics.</p>
<p>Most popular classes</p>
<p>Most popular program</p>
<p>Most popular department</p>
<p>Popularity over time</p>
<!-- <p>Popularity over time</p> -->
<p>Percentage BS majors | Percentage BA majors</p>
<p>Percentage with minors</p>
......@@ -30,8 +32,6 @@ Analytics | YourSchool Advisor
Our users versus overall official school statistics.
<div class="row well">
<legend>You vs. Your Peers</legend>
# from compare.html
def longestTrajectory():
return True
def highLevelCourses():
return True
def lightestCourseload():
return True
def commonClasses():
return True
def extraCourses():
return True
# from analytics.html
def mostPopularCourses():
return True
def mostPopularPrograms():
return True
def mostPopularDepartment():
return True
def BAvBS():
return True
def hasMinors():
return True
def mostPopularCombinations():
return True
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