Commit de4f3a70 authored by Daniel W Bond's avatar Daniel W Bond

commentary on how the algorithm works

parent 94088d25
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ def assignedWeights(weightedCourse, programCourses):
return weights
def courseWeighting(programCourses):
""" a helper function for properly recursing """
weights = {}
......@@ -88,14 +89,14 @@ def requirementsFulfilled(taken, program):
# in the trajectory """
# return True
def remainingReqCourses(taken, program):
def remainingReqCourses(taken, programCourses):
""" returns the remaining required courses for a program given
the already taken courses """
taken = set(taken)
courses = set(programCourses(program))
programCourses = set(programCourses)
remainingReqCourses = taken.intersection(courses)
remainingReqCourses = taken.intersection(programCourses)
return remainingReqCourses
......@@ -149,28 +150,33 @@ def enoughCredits(previousCourses, numRequired):
return enoughcredits
def generatedTrajectory():
def generatedTrajectory(taken, program):
generatedTrajectory = []
# get the course's programs
programCourses = programCourses( program )
# find the weights of all of the programs
courseWeighting( programCourses )
# get the courses you have to take next
remainingReqCourses( taken, programCourses )
requirementsFulfilled( taken, program )
nextCourses( remainingReqCourses, taken )
# of those, pick five of the heaviest
# associate courseWeights with nextCourses
# add a list of courses with the five highest weights from nextCourses to
# generated Trajectory
# add these new courses to taken
# retrieve the next courses you need to take, and so forth
# if there are no remainingReqCourses or requirementsFulfilled is True
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