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import re
import json
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import pprint
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=2)
all_data = []
def scrape(course_soup):
# Extract relevant data from a course into a dict
crs_data = {}
# The title string is the first passed in element. It contains subject,
# course, and title data in a format like this:
# CS 650 - Advanced Database Management
titlePattern = r"(?P<sub>[A-Z]+) (?P<crs>\d{3}) - (?P<title>.+)"
m = re.match(titlePattern, course_soup.string)
crs_data['subject'], course, crs_data['title'] = m.groups()
crs_data['course'] = int(course)
if crs_data['course'] >= 500:
# The next sibling element is a string containing the course's credits:
# Credits: 3 (RT)
credit_string = course_soup.nextSibling.string.lstrip()
creditsPattern = r"Credits: (?P<cred>\d+)"
m = re.match(creditsPattern, credit_string)
if m:
crs_data['credits'] = int('cred'))
# The text after the "hr" element contains the course description
course_soup = course_soup.find_next('hr')
m = re.match(r".+\s*(?=Prerequisite\(s\))", course_soup.text)
crs_data['description'] = if m else course_soup.text
# Find all prerequsite courses
course_soup = course_soup.find_next('br')
m ="Prerequisite\(s\).*\.", course_soup.text)
if m:
# Extract the prereqs and split them from the coreq section
preReqText ="Corequisite")[0]
preReqPattern = r"(?P<sub>[A-Z]{2,4}) (?P<crs>\d{3})"
preReqs = re.findall(preReqPattern, preReqText)
# Extract some of the strangely formatted pre reqs
m = re.findall(r"(?<!...)[A-Z]{2,4} \d{3},[a-z0-9,\s]*\d{3}", preReqText);
preReqPattern = r"(?P<sub>[A-Z]{2,4}),.*(?P<crs>\d{3}"
for text in m:
sub ="[A-Z]{2,4}", text).group();
crss = re.findall(r"\d{3}", text);
for crs in crss:
preReqs.append((sub, crs))
# Remove duplicates
preReqs = list(set(preReqs))
preReqs = [{'course': int(crs), 'subject': sub} for sub, crs in preReqs]
crs_data['prerequisites'] = preReqs
# Find corequsite courses
m ="Corequisite\(s\).*\.", course_soup.text)
if m:
coReqText =
coReqPattern = r"(?P<sub>[A-Z]{2,4}) (?P<crs>\d{3})"
coReqs = re.findall(coReqPattern, coReqText)
coReqs = list(set(coReqs))
coReqs = [{'course': int(crs), 'subject': sub} for sub, crs in coReqs]
crs_data['corequisites'] = coReqs
def get_page(page_num):
url = (
r = requests.get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text)
courses = soup.find_all('h3')
for course in courses:
def main():
# Fetch 68 pages of course data
for i in range(1, 69):
with open('data.json', 'w') as outfile:
json.dump(all_data, outfile, indent=2)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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