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Introduction of Infrastructure Management Team

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......@@ -166,9 +166,10 @@ George Mason University}
The President of SRCT presides over all meetings; serves as
spokesperson for SRCT; acts as its main liaison to the Advisor, ITU,
spokesperson for SRCT; acts as its main liaison to the Advisor,
and OSI; oversees the transition to next semester's officers, and
ensures SRCT fulfills its constitutional obligations.
ensures SRCT fulfills its constitutional obligations. Upon election,
the president assumes a position on the Infrastructure Management Team.
\subsection{Vice President}
The Vice President assists the President of SRCT to the extent the
......@@ -187,10 +188,10 @@ George Mason University}
and maintains all other necessary records and files.
\subsection{System Administrator}
The System Administrator is responsible for maintaining the hardware
and software systems at SRCT's disposal. This includes project
management software, SRCT servers, and SRCT website maintenance. The
System Administrator also directly oversees all project managers.
The System Administrator is technical representative for the membership body,
fields all questions related to technical issues from project managers, and
directly supervises all project managers. Upon election, the System Administrator
assumes a position on the Infrastructure Management Team.
\subsection{Removal of Officers}
Two SRCT developers may present a motion to remove an officer. The general
......@@ -206,7 +207,18 @@ George Mason University}
replacement should the Advisor no longer be suited for the position.
The Advisor may offer guidance and support for SRCT, but may not
participate in any votes.
\subsection{Infrastructure Management Team}
The Infrastructure Management Team is the body is placed in charge of all
SRCT hardware and software. This board does not fill a seat of the
executive board and has no powers vested to that team. The President and
System Administrator will have a seat on the board unless impeached or
removed by vote of Infrastructure Management Team. The other two members
are elected by the Infrastructure Management Team and remain members
until resignation or loss of affiliation with George Mason University.
Lastly, the operation of the Infrastructure Management Team is governed
by the Infrastructure Management Guidelines.
%%% SECTION 5: Elections
......@@ -349,5 +361,5 @@ George Mason University}
This constitution shall become effective upon approval by a
$\frac{3}{4}$ vote of the developers, and a Student Involvement staff
member. This is considered an official vote.
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