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Remove Section 10. Move governance guidelines to seperate doc

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......@@ -215,7 +215,9 @@ George Mason University}
System Administrator will have a seat on the board unless impeached or
removed by vote of Infrastructure Management Team. The other two members
are elected by the Infrastructure Management Team and remain members
until resignation or loss of affiliation with George Mason University.
until resignation or loss of affiliation with George Mason University.
Lastly, the operation of the Infrastructure Management Team is governed
by the Infrastructure Management Guidelines.
%%% SECTION 5: Elections
......@@ -360,41 +362,4 @@ George Mason University}
$\frac{3}{4}$ vote of the developers, and a Student Involvement staff
member. This is considered an official vote.
%%% SECTION 10: Infrastructure Management Team
\section{Article X --- Infrastructure Management Team}
As noted above, the Infrastructure Management Team is the body that
oversees the hardware and software systems under the control of SRCT.
The Infrastucture Management Team is made up of the President,
System Administrator and two officials that are elected by the
Infrastructure Management Team. The elected members remain members of
the team until resignation or their affiliation with the University
ends. The President and System Administrator remain on the team for
the duration of their term unless removed by the team.
All issues that are disputed by the team will be decided by a vote.
All motions must gather a majority vote to be passed. Therefore, motions
that result in a split vote will not be passed.
A member of the team may be removed by a vote held by the other members
of the team. All remaining members must vote in favor of the removal for
it to be passed. If a member of the Executive Board is removed, any other
active members of the executive board that have not previously been removed are
eligible to take their place for the remainder of the original officer's
term. If there are no eligble executives, the executive board may present
a developer as a canidate. If elected, this member would remain on the
board until the end of the original officer's term.
When a member chooses to leave, or is 2 months from being ineligible, the
rest of the team will vote to confirm a new member. The candidates for
the vacant position may be presented to the team by any member of the team.
The team must always have at least 3 members. If a pending removal threatens
to violate the previous clause, then all removals are postponeded until a position
on the board is filled.
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