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access to SRCT project management positions. They may contribute to
SRCT projects under the guidance and supervision of a project
\subsection{Event Organizer Positions}
Event Organizers are the lead figures and primary points-of-contact for indivisual SRCT events.
Event organizers have the final determination regarding content, schedule, venue (with help from the
executive board), supplies and food purchases (with help from the Treasurer), and volunteer roles,
as well as being the primary point of contact to any speakers, outside volunteers or vendors, and the
executive board regarding the event.
Should a devision impact safety or the larger perception of SRCT of the university, the executive board
will have veto power by simply majority. An event organizer is to be established before significant planning
on an event proceeds.
Event Organizers are members whp are appointed by the executive board, and if there is no member
interested in planning a particular event, the role falls upon the Vice President and the Secretary.
For recurring events, an event organizer may either agree to organize the new event or step down
allowing another member to be selected for the new iteration of the event.
\subsection{Becoming a Developer}
To attain developer status, a contributor must demonstrate leadership skills,
commitment to SRCT principles, and technical ability. To become a developer,
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