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updated language to show how organizers are appointed and VP and Secretary are the fallback

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will have veto power by simply majority. An event organizer is to be established before significant planning
on an event proceeds.
Event Organizers will be elected in a simple majority by a quorum of at least $\frac{2}{3}$
of developers who have have been active in the part semester (approx. 6 months).
Should a vote be called by any single active developer to have an event organizer removed,
a $\frac{2}{3}$ quorum of active developers will vote, and a $\frac{2}{3}$ majority must be reached
to have the event organizer removed. Physical attendance in any of these votes should not be
mandatory for participation. Should an event organizer be removed, a new event organizer is to be
elected before any new planning in regards to the event occurs.
Event Organizers are members whp are appointed by the executive board, and if there is no member
interested in planning a particular event, the role falls upon the Vice President and the Secretary.
For recurring events, an event organizer may either agree to organize the new event or step down
allowing another member to be elected for the new iteration of the event.
allowing another member to be selected for the new iteration of the event.
\subsection{Becoming a Developer}
To attain developer status, a contributor must demonstrate leadership skills,
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